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We guarantee accurate finishing thanks to our high-tech production process
The high quality standard of Massari Serramenti is guaranteed by sophisticated numerical control equipment which ensures maximum precision at every stage of production and by a robotic painting-shop which ensures an accurate monitoring in a cycle that is essential for the frame life.

Rapid delivery terms are ensured by a flexibility that can be defined as artisanal and thanks to 2 different production lines.
Each Massari frame is subjected to careful laboratory tests and it always obtains excellent results; this thanks to the attention we pay to the detail and the production process.


As regard to wood doors and windows frames and wood-aluminium doors and windows frames:

  • EN 1026 E UNI EN 12207 – Air permeability
  • EN 1027 E UNI EN 12208 – Watertight
  • EN 12211 E UNI EN 12210 – Resistance to wind
  • UNI EN ISO 10077/01: 2002 – Coefficient of thermal transmittance

Aluminum frames:

  • UNI EN 1932 e UNI EN 13659 – Resistance to wind load

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